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    Lines, stacked bars and mapping

      Hey QlikSense community! I'm new to QlikSense and want to know how to do a few things.


      I'm just messing around with QlikSense and I've created a basic app with a bar chart, a line chart and I wanted a map. Firstly, I wasn't able to create a map (for some reason) with the data I had - Is there a way to do this?

      Secondly, I'm trying to create a bar chart and I've been given a scroll bar to the right - is there a way to have the chart fit the entire box within the app? I'm having similar issues with my line chart, as the lines aren't showing trends over time (they aren't connected) - I just want my line chart to be visible for all the dates I have.


      I've not looked at any articles or researched, I thought I would ask you guys first.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Robert Mika

          To create a map choose option from the left panel "map"

          Please see attached example.

          The top map is created using KLM coordinates the bottom one with lat and long

          (attached )

          When you open the qvs file look at  GeoData -lat and long tab in Data Load Editor part.



          2)No is not,

          You can do that in QV but in QS if your data  set are larger that maximum height of the chart you will have the scroll bar.

          3)See above



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            Hey robert_mika thanks for the fast response!


            I'll try this out later tonight with the data I have. I only have country names, so will I need to blend my data with this file? If so, whats the most efficient way of doing this?


            That's a shame about the fit entire window issue - Is there a reason this isn't possible, and is it something that QlikSense are working on? I've not used QlikView before and QS is my first venture into the Qlik-erverse!


            Thanks again in advance.

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                Robert Mika

                Just use your country file to join with the one I have attached.

                You will get a link between those two files (my and yours) and all country you got on your file should show up on the map.

                (follow the attached example if you get stack or post your question here)


                Yes that shame but for time being we need to live with that.

                I do not know the actual reason - this must be based upon how QS is build -most in HTML way.


                Please mark any of those answers as correct or helpful if you satisfied with the outcome.