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    Drop Table After Publisher Distribution


      I have an application with 250m records. The field used for reduction and distribution is at the detailed record level so there it is a large table. Once I have applied the reduction I no longer need the table in the application.

      I am looking for a way to drop this table before the distribution takes place. The file size before any reduction is 8GB. If I can remove this table it drops to 6GB . Since its only use is calculating records for reduction I do not need it in the end application(s).

      Any creative ways to somehow do a partial reload and drop the table after the reduction has taken place? I have thought of separating the script and dashboards into separate apps and doing the reduction and distribution on the script qvw and then doing binary loads on the resulting qvw into new files with the dashboards.

      Any thoughts on a better approach.

      Can you run a post reload macro from Publisher? That may be a more elegant option.


        • Drop Table After Publisher Distribution

          Thanks to a little help from Bob C. I have this worked out.

          I have split up my application into 2 qvws. Script in one and dashboard in another. Using Publisher I reload and reduce/distribute the source application into 6 segmented files. I then have a repeat task that binary loads the dashboard application by passing a variable to the binary load statement that identifies the proper source application. At the same time I drop the table that had the access control records that I had used to create the segmented source files. I then distribute the completed dashboard app to the AccessPoint. I end up with a segmented dashboard app that is optimized by removing millions of unnecessary records.


          Thanks Bob C.