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    Value in Pivot table

      Hi all,


      I am creating a pivot table, where i am using custom dimensions like below:



      LOAD * INLINE [

            25 New Members,10 New Members

          Invitation Email, Invitation Email

          Reminder1 (signups), Reminder1 (signups)

          Reminder1 (non signups),Reminder1 (non signups)

          Reminder1 ,Reminder1

          Reminder2 (signups),Reminder2 (signups)

          Reminder2 (non signups),Reminder2 (non signups)

          Reminder2, Reminder2

          Final Reminder (signups), Final Reminder (signups)

          Final Reminder (non signups), Final Reminder (non signups)

          Final Reminder,Final Reminder



      The above dimensions comes in 1st column, in 2nd column i need to put the count.


      IF(match([25 New Members] , 'Invitation Email'),sent))


      Now, I need to filter the sent count for particular type. how can i use the set analysis without using the aggregation.


      For example: sum({$<email_type_id = {44}, campaign_name_id = {"$(=max(campaign_name_id)-11)"}>}sent)

      Will give the sum of sent count for particular email_type_id  and campaign_name_id,


      I have only one row for email_type_id =44 and each campaign_name_id so i don't want to sum just i need to get the value of sent in that row.


      please help on this.