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    Show Year of max(Turnover)



      I'm looking for a formula in QlikSense to show me the accompanying year of my maximum Turnover.


      I've uploaded a file per year. Load editor for my different files:


          A & ' - ' &  "B" as Customer,

          C as Country,

          G as "TO",

          H as "Year"


      I want to see the maximum Turnover (TO)

      I use the formula 'max(TO)' to see the maximum Turnover.


      Which formule do I have to use to see the accompanying year?


      For Ex:


      TO 2012: € 100

      TO 2013: € 110

      TO 2014: € 90


      => Max(TO) = € 110

      => Year I want to see: 2013


      Can anyone help me finding the correct formula?