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    Stacked bar chart with two dimension and two expression

      Hi everyone!

      I would like to create a bar chart showing:

      1) sales 2015 (ytd)

      2) sales 2014 (ytd)

      3) sales 2014 (total)

      with Month as dimension.


      Moreover, sales 2014 ytd and total should be combined in a stacked bar.

      I expect that expression 3 (sales 2014 total) will show only the values after ytd; eg. If today is 23/11/15, exp 3 (sales 2014 total) will show only the values which are not considered by exp 2 (sales 2014 ytd), which means all the sales occurred after 23/11/14.


      Which is the best way to do?

      Two dimensions bar chart? Month and Year?

      How would be the expressions?