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    firefox access to document

    Luca Colombo

      hi, i'm testing for the first time the server version of qlikview.

      I've installed it on an xp pro sp3 pc, with iis 6 and .net 2.0.

      I've installed java virtual machine.

      All work well if i use IE to view my docs also, both using the plugin and java client.

      Using Firefox, instead i always get the login request, but none of the user i test (defined on the machine) works !

      Thank'you for the help


        • firefox access to document
          Stephen Redmond

          Hi Luca,

          I wonder if you enable Windows authentication for that site from Firefox if that might do the trick:

          To enable:
          1 Open Firefox.
          2 In the Location Bar, type about:config, and then press Enter.
          3 If a warranty message opens, click I'll be careful, I promise!.
          4 Double-click the network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris preference.
          5 In the Enter string value box, type your Web Host URL using the format http://hostserver:port.
          6 Click OK.





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              Luca Colombo

              Thank you Stephen,

              I follow your indication, but it didn't work out, but i think that my installation have some problem.

              I start my tests on an Xp environment,but first of all im going to redo the installation on a srv2003.

              May be i'll come back to ask help in the future.



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                  Hello Luca,

                  I'm using Firefox as well but i have downloaded an extension called IE view from Firefox site. It does the job for QlikView without using java machine.

                  You only need to add the url as bookmark for the user.



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                      Luca Colombo

                      Thank yoo Stefanos,

                      first of all i've to say that my problem has been solved with a new installation on a "more standard" configuration ie.

                      win2003 srv, IIS 6.0 and the last versione of Firefox.

                      In this way after the autentication request , i can normally access and work with my doc. , the same is for Safari.

                      I look for the Firefox extension you suggest to me but is not applicable at the last Firefox version, and i don't know if it works out of windows environment, i will test it when available for ff 3.5