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    Multiple Ajax Client's in document : Can Ajax Client be used to to this ...

      I apologize if this is submitted to the wrong forum. Please let me know where I should submit it?


      I would like to download an html document from an arbitrary source, e.g. IIS server.


      The document contains multiple <div />.


      Some of the <div /> contain html, javascript and a single <iframe />.


      Some of the <iframe> do opendoc to a qvserver access point to download/display a qvw.


      It is my understanding each <iframe> will contain its own copy of QvAjax.ds, the Ajax Client.

      Can I use javascript outside the <iframe>s to:

      a) connect to divA/iframeA's Ajax Client, e.g. to retrieve currect selection information

      b) connect to divB/iframeB's Ajax Client, e.g. to modify/set the current selection


      If yes ... how do I configure the original document to make the connections and do the communication required by (a) and (b)?


      Does it require that I download an Ajax Client, QvAjax.js, at the outer level, i.e. the document from IIS?


      Do I have to use Qv.InitWorkBench?


      /s/ Daniel