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    How to add Quarter as Dimensions & Bifurcation of cumulative balance

    Khyam Aslam



      I have data similar as below

      Month     Amount

      Jan          10

      Feb          25

      Mar          15

      Apr          45

      May         60

      Jun          35

      Jul            45

      Aug          80

      Sep          100

      Oct          105

      Nov          90

      Dec          80


      Q1: How I can add Quarter 1 (Jan -Mar) Q2 (Apr-Jun) Q3 and Q4 as Dimensions or in Coding as Fields


      Q2: Above balances are cumulative balances, How I can bifurcate these balances as period balances for each month in Coding or in expression as formula to show in chart or table e.g For Feb Balance should be 25-10 = 15 vice versa