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    QDF: LoadContainerGlobalVariables with ConnString as single folder

    Ruben Marin

      Hi, so at last I'm starting to apply QDF to my deployments and I was doing some test and the exercises with the recently released 1.5 version.


      The exercise 3 of the Variable Editor exercises doen't gives me the expected result, only the QVD variable was created but no the ConnString variable.


      Looking in the code of 4.GenericContainerLoader.qvs I see there is a vL.QDF.FindFolders function with this line at the beggining:

      "if not '$(vL.QDF.Subfolder)'=Peek(FieldName(3,'vL.ContainerStructure'),$(vL.QDF.VariableLoop)-1, vL.ContainerStructure) then"


      That '3' is correct? I changed it to '1' and the variable was retrieved, someone can confirm is this really needs to look in the 'Subfolder' field?


      Another thing, in the Init.qvs file, the 'vL.ContainerStructure' table, the 'BaseVariable' row, has a dot before the Subfolder name, is this a typo?