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    problem with access to document list via java

    Luca Colombo


      sorry but i'm back again.

      I've start a new fresh installation of qv server 8.5

      Configuration is :

      win 2003 srv r2 sp 2 and windows update executed yesterday

      IIS 6.0, .net 2 installed with the qv server installation

      I've set the proper version of asp page on the site.

      But when i try to access , i can choose wich client , i choose java anda when i click to see the document list i'got this error

      Messagge: Not Found
      Line: 159
      Character : 6
      Code: 0
      URI: http://localhost/qlikview/scripts/QvDocList.js

      this is the line ...
      if (this.XmlHttp.status != 200) {
      throw new Error(this.XmlHttp.status, this.XmlHttp.statusText);


      I got the same error if i navigate through access point

      Thank you very much