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    QlikView mobile - Iphone app


      Hi all. Has anyone had any luck in setting this up on their own servers? I've been working with it for some time and the standard doc is not helping me. The picture so far:

      - QVS 9 is installed, using QV Web Server
      - I've opened up the ports for http, https, Accesspoint, and 4747
      - I can access the AccessPoint site via the Safari browser (using Iphone), but cannot connect via the QV Iphone app

      My questions are as follows:

      - Specifically what are the values to be entered in the URL section of the Servers in the Iphone app? I've tried http://<serverIP>:4747, http://<serverIP>:80, and http://<serverIP>. None can connect so far.

      - Is there something else I need to have running on the QlikView server? The QV Mobile doc says nothing different has to be done with the server, but I don't have a baseline yet for what "normal" is since I am new to the QV world.

      Thanks in advance!