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    SAPReport Connector

    Chandni Bhowmick



      I have connected to a SAP report by the SAPReport Connector. How do I rename the dimensions in the script? It's not taking aliases (as). Please Help.




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          Tomas Sommergyll

          Hi Chandni,


          What version of the connector are you running?


          In your Load field it looks as you have only ONE column field: it shows as:

          LOAD [Field0_ !  SomeHeader1   !   SomeHeader2  SomeHeader3  !]

          FROM ...


          This means the columns needs to be separated by using the Field Delimiter "Add"-button, please see the manual how to do that.

          Then it will look something like this:

          Load [Field0_Material],





          Which you can change with AS:

          Load [Field0_Material] AS 'name1',

          [Field1_Descr] AS 'name2',

          [Field2_Test] AS 'name3';



          Is it possible to tick the "Auto Detect Column Width" box in that report? If so you would get the Fields automatically (Will not work on all types of Report)