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    QlikView Services log on as local system


      I installed the QlikView Server/Pulibsher 9 without specify an administration account, consequently the QlikView Services are log on as local system (as i expected).

      I started all QlikView Services (Windows Computer Management->Services) but when i visited Qlikview Manager Console or Qlikview Enterprise Manager Console, most of services that appears in the status bar are disconnected except the QV Server.

      Someone could give me a clue to solve this problem?

      Thanks for your time.

        • QlikView Services log on as local system
          Scott Moon

          I don't have an answer, but if it's any consolation you're not alone - I am having exactly the same problem. Only thing different is that ours is on a 64-bit server. Or maybe it's not different - guess you didn't mention the platform.

          Is yours a clean install, or are you upgrading from an earlier version? Ours is on a brand new, never before used 64-bit server, so the upgrade conflict doesn't apply to us. I used the same license key that we used to install QVS 8 on our current 32-bit production system - could that be the problem?



          Scott Moon


            • QlikView Services log on as local system
              Scott Moon

              Thanks for the replies. I am checking with our network admin to see if it causes any problems in Active Directory for me to add an admin account. He had told me previously that local users and groups added to the server cause him headaches because they don't have password expiration policies, and our system is set up to enforce password changes on a regular basis. Here is some info that might help.

              Additional Info:

              System - Clean, never before used 64-bit Windows Server 2003 running on VMWare Virtual Platform, 2.3 GHz Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2356; 4GB RAM;

              I am able to successfully enter my QV Server license key & control #, but when I try to add my Enterprise Publisher info it tells me it can't connect to the Command Center.

              I apologize if I am hijacking the OP's thread, but it seems we have very similar problems.



            • QlikView Services log on as local system
              Johannes Sunden

              The easiest approach here I would think would be to create a new account locally on the machine and set this account to run the services. Make sure to add the account to the QlikView Administrators group as well. At least the QlikVIew Management Service and QlikView Web Server Service I would assume should run on other than Local System account.


              • QlikView Services log on as local system

                I had the same problem and the only way that I found to make that all the services work is install Qliview Server 9 with the Administrator account, with this el Services run like local and all appear in the QMC like Started.


                S.O.: Windows XP SP3

                .Net Framework: 3.50 SP1


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                  Arthur Utiyama

                  Is it possible to run the QV services with a user that is NOT a local administrator? I am facing this issue as the company prohibits this type of user for security reasons. Local system would be allowed, but it seems that since version 9 it is not an option, right? Thanks all.