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    Looping data load

    Imrich Antal

      Hi guys,


      I am trying to loop a data load into a qvd level; however having problems...


      • The data comes from .html files titles 2001.html to 2265.html but some are missing so all in all 187 HTML files. One is GDP, other one Population and so on...
      • I am trying to loop over "@[number]" tables where each @ is a new country (therefore F1 is "Country" field@) and F2 is a measure with data (say GDP). The number of tables @1, @2.... can go up to hundreds and I don't know at any point how many tables there are (as per pic below). @4 gives headings: Country, [names measure] (I am not interested in @1 to @3 but that's a detail).


      Q1: how to do the loop so each country is loaded with all measures (from all files) and data for that measure.

      Q2: data for the measure sometimes contains multiple figures for different years (see picture). Subfield () would be the obvious first thing to do here, but if you have any other/ better ideas, I am listening


      2001.html give the following for GDP:


      2002.html gives Population growth in %:


      Thank you in advance!