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    SVG Reader: Can't get color gradients to display

      I'm trying to use the SVG reader extension to create a heat map.  Here are my settings:




      I believe I have successfully linked my US county data to the preloaded "US Counties" SVG file.  I only have a subset of counties in my dataset, and only these counties are being displayed in the map.


      In addition, the pop-up contents are working exactly as they should.





      However, despite there being significant variation within the "Stat" variable (which is my measure), all the colors are exactly the same.  I would instead like a gradient which distinguishes high values from low values.


      In addition, the map is shaded black, even though I am specifying the color green.  Strangely, if I change the measure to a constant, the map turns green.



      Anybody know what's going on?