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    Enterprise Console error soruce documents


      Hi all,

      I'm using QV9 server and publisher, all installed on the same Windows Server 2003 machine. I've created a QlikView user under which all services run.

      I receive the following error when trying to view source document file in QlikView Enterprise Management Console (QEMC):

      error loading image


      In the management console I can see source documents, but I cannot see any pending tasks that I made using QEMC (when it was working) or with QlikView Management Console (QMC):


      error loading image

      Tasks that I made with QMC do exist, but do not run and do not appear in the status tab (as shown above). Also notice there is no log tab ?!?

      On soruce documents tab in QMC tasks do apper:

      error loading image


      When I try adding a "supporting task" in QEMC i get the following error:

      error loading image

      I feel like that all of these problems are coming from the same source, but I can't manage to pinpoint it. Could please someone try to point me in the right direction. I tried reinstalling by using "repair" option - didn't work. All .xml config files and so on are default, nothing has been altered.

      I have to know whether this is a bug or is something wrong in our setup, we can't sell QV9 if a test "vanilla" QV9 installation is causing such problems. In any case, we need a pointer for a possible solution (or at least a hint in which of many log files to look at, and what to look for).

      Thanks for your help.