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    Create a dimension in load script

    Filiberto Cacciari

      Hi everyone,


      maybe is trivial issue but i'm wondering to create calculated dimension in my script.

      I'm able to create calculated dimension with simple formulas like in my attachment but i don't know how to create dimension a little bit complex.

      As you can see here i created the "key" dimension and now i can calculate the value of sales for the dimension...but if i want to create a dimension that is "sales per key" how should i do??


      Clear enough?


      Thank u all.


      stalwar1 what do u think about it?


      Messaggio modificato da Filiberto Cacciari Hi guys, i've attached also my qvw cause i've a new little problem. Now I display the sum of KeySales but I want that when the value of sales is the same it will be sum once. Sample_Int: LOAD * INLINE [     Dim1, Dim2, Dim3, Sales     A, B, C, 10       A, B, C, 10     A, B, C, 5     A, B, C, 5     C, B, A, 15     C, B, A, 15     C, B, A, 5     ]; Sum(ABC) = 15 and not 30 Sum(CBA) = 20 and not 35