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    Create month field without taking informations from date fields

      Hi everyone,


      I am creating a comparative analysis of various datas, and I am struggling with an issue I can't solve.


      I work with projects, and each one has different status :

      - projects received

      - projects sent

      - projects won

      For each type of status, I created in the script date fields per month and year because for each project I have date fields "Reception date", "Sending date" and "Selling date".

      Because of it I can analyse each status type separately.


      But now I want to compare them amongst themselves and show in the same App how many projects I have received/sent/won per month.

      And for that I can't use the date fields I already have, as they are specific to one status. If I put "Sending Month" as a dimension, I only see the datas related to projects sent, and not the others.

      So I need to create a date field which won't be related to a status, which will be "neutral".


      For exemple with a Project A :

      - received on March 2015

      - sent on June 2015

      - won on September 2015


      And a Project B :

      - received on June 2015

      - sent on September 2015

      - won on November 2015


      So I need to create a date field I can use as a dimension in a graph , and when I put my measures I will able to see received/sent/won all through the year. With my exemple :

      - March 2015 : 1 received,

      - June 2015 : 1 received, 1 sent

      - September 2015 : 1 sent, 1 won



      I want to show everything.

      How can I do that?


      Thank you in advance for your help