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    Accesspoint doesn't handle funnelchart object right

    Richard Benoit

      After making a funnel chart in de QV developer and loading this up to a accesspoint server 8.5, the data within the chart are presented twice.

      We have two servers on which I publish the same .qvw document. On server A it the funnel chart shows the same expressions twice and on server B the expressions are shown righht, thus once.

      1) Server A = 32 bit, Server B = 64 bit

      On both servers QV version 8.5 is installed.

      What causes this strange effect?

      Please see attached screenhots in this MS word document:


        • Accesspoint doesn't handle funnelchart object right
          Johan Idh

          The charts when using the plugin client are rendered in the client (ajax and java clients get bitmaps rendered on the server) so one explanation could be that its different versions of the client.

          I also believe we did some changes to how Numbers/Text on Data Point is handled in the 8.5 SR5 release so a combination of SR5 server with earlier client might produce this effect.