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    Struggling with what i think may be an easy expression



      I’m struggling with an expression. I am trying to count the number of people that fit a specified criteria for a high level figure to be obtained in an object box.



      This is what I have been doing in the text box but it doesn't work:


      =if(today()-max(DateOfIssue)<=30,count({$<Skill={'Pro'},Role={'to apply'}>} Name)




      In a chart, I added Name to the dimension, and the following expression to obtain the number of days from dateofissue to today:

      =if(DateOfIssue-Today()<='0', '0', Today()-Max(DateOfIssue)




      When I produce a chart, I am able to get the results that I want but using the expression isn't working, when I need an exact count in the text box. What am I doing wrong?



      Any help would be appreciated