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    Mapping in/between the fields in order to do the calculations

      Hi all,

      I need to create a mapping like this.

      plant nameprint center1print line1print center2print line2



      For each plant, by using this mapping, I should calculate the volume of print line1 divided by the volume of print line2. The calculation should also be available at print center niveau.

      All the "print center1 and print center2" (e.g. 33CUX345) are the different elements in the same field"print center".

      and all the "print line1 and print line2" are the elements of the same field "print line".


      what i wrote down in the script :


      LOAD * INLINE [

      _plant, _print_c1, _print_lin1, _print_c2, _print_lin2,

      D1, 33CUX345, P-2C, 32CUX345, PCO-2C





      The current expression is :

      sum({<Version='Actual', Year='2015', Department_code={3}, _Print_lin1={*}, _Print_c1={*}>}Volume)/sum({<Version='Actual', Year='2015', Department_code={9}, _Print_lin2={*}, _Print_c2={*}>}Volume)


      To separate the print centre1 and 2, i use their "department_code" ("3" is print center1 and "9" is center2).

      For now the calculations don't work...


      Does anybody know where the problem is? in the script or in the expression or in both of them?

      Many thanks.


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