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    Specifying host name during silent installation

    Bill Michielsen

      I'm installing Qlik Sense Server 2.1.1 using the silent install. If I use the command line:

      Qlik_Sense_setup.exe -s -rnt Complete -dbp "password" -h "server.domain.com"

      then the install exits quickly, and the install log contains the following error:

      [0FDC:063C][2015-11-25T11:36:49]i000: Validation of command -rimnodetype failed. Command System.String[] is only supported if running modify/install

      [0FDC:063C][2015-11-25T11:36:50]i000: Stack trace:    at Qlik.Burn.Common.CommandValidators.OnlyValidIfModifyOrInstallValidator.Validate(ICommandEntity commandEntity, Object[] objects)

         at Qlik.Burn.App.Common.BootstrapperApp.ValidateCommands(IEnumerable`1 parsedCommands, IEnumerable`1 allCommands)

         at Qlik.Burn.App.Common.BootstrapperApp.ParseCommandLine()

         at Qlik.Burn.App.Common.BootstrapperApp.Run()

      [0FDC:063C][2015-11-25T11:36:50]i000: Command System.String[] is only supported if running modify/install

      [0FDC:0AB4][2015-11-25T11:36:50]i500: Shutting down, exit code: 0xffffffff

      The full install log is attached.


      Clearly I am doing an install here, as I am not specifying any other command (-modify, -repair, -uninstall, etc.), so the error message is nothing if not confusing. If I remove the "-h" option, then the install continues successfully, however, Qlik is left to select the host name itself. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but in our network setup, it is not uncommon to have multiple host names allocated to the same machine, often one of them only working within the domain on which the machine physically resides.


      The documentation states that the "-h" option is the host name of the central node, so maybe this option is only valid when installing a rim node? If so, Is there a way to specify the host name when doing a silent install of the central node? Or am I totally missing something obvious here?