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    QVS 9 Reloading Question

    Mark McCoid

      I've just started to play with QVServer 9 and the first thing I'm looking into is replicating our loading that we are currently doing in Publisher Standard 8.5 and I don't see how I can do it.

      I have a number of QVW files that are dependant on other QVWs being loaded first (QVWs that create QVDs)

      In Publisher Standard I was able to set the order of the load tasks, but in v9 it looks like all QVW files are independant of the others.

      Hopefully I'm missing something. Any ideas?



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          Peter Bergman

          Hi Mark

          I have also started to use v9. After the installation I run the tool C:\Program Files\QlikView\Publisher\Command Center Service\PubUpgradeTool\PubUpgrade.exe to migrate the Publisher database. I read about it in the release notes on page 4-5. This migration tool is not run automaticly when you upgrade to v9.

          After that I could in the QEMC (Qlikview Enterprise Management Console) under the tab "source doucments" add triggers that said trigger after event. In this case I could control which files should load first and so on.

          Then I made a clean install and did not run the tool PupUpgrade.exe. When I did this way I could not add any triggers.

          When I read the reference manual it says that you can only add "source documents" and also triggers if you have the add-on license for Publisher. So I think that you can not add triggers if you don't have the add-on license for publisher but in earlier version you could do that. In version 9 Qliktech has changend so the product Publisher Standard has been discontinued. I read about it in the release notes.

          I will open a supportcase for this because we also need triggers but we don't have the license for publisher.

          Best regards