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    Is it possible to load a single date time column and then create multiple dimensions from it?

      Basically I have a database that displays the date/time as "YYYYMMDD HHMMSS". I understand how to load it and format it as MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS, but when creating visualizations it does not group the values how I want them to be. If I use the date/time dimension for a simple bar chart, the x-axis shows each unique entry. What I would like to do is have the x-axis display the year or month, and then drill down to the day from there. I can get this to work by editing the load scrip and creating new fields such as "Year" "Month" "day" and then creating a master dimension drilldown Year -> Month -> Day, but I assume Qlik Sense is smart enough to group these value together without having to split the date. Is this possible to do, and if so, what would be the best practice for doing this? Thank you again for you time.