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    Qlik Management Console Does Not Open

      Hi all,


      I am currently going through a Qlik deployment. I cannot open QMC on a server running Windows Server 2012 R2; also, there is no internet access on the server. Currently, the following Qlik services are running: Qlik Sense Engine Service, Qlik Sense Printing Service, Qlik Sense Proxy Service, Qlik Sense Repository Database, Qlik Sense Scheduler Service, and Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher. Does QMC need internet access to open for the first time? If so, what links does it need access to? Is it port related, or something completely different?



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          Jonathan Poole

          Once the install is complete there should be a screen that confirms the status of each service. Following that the QMC launches and you should be asked to enter license information.


          Are you at that screen ?


          A machine that is disconnected from the internet cannot be licensed with a serial/control number only, you need to get the LEF from Qlik to do that.


          Please note the licensing is done via the browser and you'll need IE10+ , chrome or firefox to do that as websockets is required (and only exists in those versions).


          can you upload a screenshot of where you are ?