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    Struggling with an expression



      I am struggling with an expression.The below keeps returning an error:


      =count({<[Skill] = {'1'}, [Role] = {'R'}, [Act] = {'Y'}>} if(avg([score]>3.5, [Name])


      Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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          Aaron Morgan

          Are you using it within a table, or just as a text object?


          If just a text object, try:


          Count(If(Aggr(Avg({<[Skill] = {'1'}, [Role] = {'R'}, [Act] = {'Y'}>} Score), Name) > 3.5, Name))

          Assuming what you are trying to do is count all the names who have scored over an average of 3.5 for any entry in which Skill, Role and Act are defined as above.


          If not, explain what you're trying to calculate.