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    Percentage is showing zero after clicking on clear button

    daniesh shaikh

      Hi ,


      I have created pivot table. Where i have 2 fields name and Percentage.


      I am trying to give different colors as per percentage.

      By default, the percentage is coming fine by default is becomes zero when i click on field on field then it shows me the correct percentage and color also changes.


      I am using the below expression in background color.


      =if((count({<TOT_DUR={'>=07:00'}>} TOT_DUR)/count(TOTAL TOT_DUR)) <= .20, RGB(255,0,0),              /* 0...20% red */

      if((count({<TOT_DUR={'>=07:00'}>} TOT_DUR)/ count(TOTAL TOT_DUR))<= .30, RGB(255,255,0),RGB(0,255,0) )) 


      It will show red if percentage is below 20%,RED, Yellow, 20-30, GREEN 40-100.


      I guess the expression is correct, Why percentage values becomes after refresh and again i have select field to get the correct and color also changes as above.


      I have attached the screenshot.


      Thanks and Regards