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    Quarter to Date Figures



      i am currently struggling to form a QTD figure in my P&L.


      I have created YTD and PTD no problem with the following code. I have used variables that are visible here to select max years and ,ax periods that are complete:




      Sum({<FY={$(vMaxYear_CompletePeriod)},Period={'<=$(vMaxPeriod_CompleteFYPeriod)'},>} Amount)


      PTD Actual:


      Sum({<FY={$(vMaxYear_CompletePeriod)},Period={$(vMaxPeriod_CompleteFYPeriod)}>} Amount)



      As you can see the only difference is the summing sign in front of my second variable to make it add all present values and give me a YTD figure.


      How could i alter that code to make Quarterly, ie when you view QTD you will first three months summed (1-2 inclusive) and then the next QTD you will the following three months summed (4-6 inclusive).......