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    MTD and PMTD in Qliksense

    abhay singh

      HI all,


      I am trying to do MTD and PMTD but MTD is working an dPMTD is not working.


      NUm(Count({<"Calendar Month Num"={'$(vMaxMonth)'}, "Calendar Year"= {'$(vMaxYear)'}, TaskStatusNum= {'1'}>}SurveyTaskId),'#,##0')


      variable :  vMaxMonth = max("Calendar Month Num")

      vMaxYear = max"Calendar Year")


      NUm(Count({<"Calendar Month Num"={'$(vPreviousMonth)'}, "Calendar Year"= {'$(vMaxYear)'}, TaskStatusNum= {'1'}>}SurveyTaskId),'#,##0')


      variable :  vPreviousMonth= max("Calendar Month Num")-1

      vMaxYear = max"Calendar Year")

      Pls correct if m wrong