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    Command Center disconnected

    Peter Turner

      Hello everyone!

      Has anyone had trouble with the V9 command center service?
      My fresh install reports the command center service as disconnected.

      Accesspoint loads but says 'No Server' and at the top of the page 0 of 1 QVs running, together with my pc and login name as normal.

      New vista Business SP1
      New fresh QV9 + Server install
      All services report started, running under the admin account
      Developer and Server are licensed
      Admin user is in the 'QlikView Administrator' Group
      I can load the accesspoint, management and enterprise console web pages.
      Has IIS installed.

      The following services are all using the admin login for this laptop:
      QlikView Directory Service Connector
      QlikView Distrubution Service
      QlikView Management service
      QlikView Publisher Command Center Service
      QlikView Server
      QlikView WebServer

      I think the accesspoint error saying 'No Server' must be related to the command center service being disconnected.
      Has anyone else had anything similar to this?

        • Command Center disconnected

          I'm having similar issues. I'm in the process of upgrading from version 8.5 to version 9.0 and the Enterprise Management Console shows my Service name as Command Center being disconnected. In the Management Console it looked like it took my license key for the QVS but it's not rendering for the Publisher. When I try and input the license key for publisher I get the following error: "Failed to communicate with the command center"

          Not sure exactly what to do...? Does anyone have any ideas on why the Command Center could be disconnected?


          • Command Center disconnected

            This happened to me too after a fresh install. However, the reason behind my situation was that somehow, the service wasn't recognized as running in a local account.

            I ended up just resetting the Log on as in the service properties for each of the qlikview services(Right-click the service ->Properties -> Log On tab) to the local administrator account and then restarted each of the services again and that fixed it for me.

            Hope this helps

              • Command Center disconnected
                Peter Turner

                Hello everyone,

                I fixed the problem on my pc, with a little help from QlikTeck support.

                The problem was that the command center service (shown in the enterprise console) allways showed disconected.
                It was also trying to use the username instead of the pc name. I.e making connections to John instead of JohnsPC.

                In the end i changed afew of the xml config files in the QV folder (used the notepad++ freeware program to search the contents of all the files for my incorrect username setting).
                Once these where changed to the pcname, and i restarted the service's, it all started working.
                Reported this to QV support and they'll check if its my pc being weird or a bug.

                Hope that helps someone.

                  • Command Center disconnected

                    Thank you everyone for your posts. I found out from talking with at QlikView Consultant that version 9.0 is still really a test app. They are planning on releasing version 9.1 on Sep. 1st that should be more of a production release.

                    I was able to get version 9.0 running in my test environment. Turns out that the PubUpgrad.exe file that was in in install pack loacated in(C:\Program Files\QlikView\Publisher\Command Center Service\PubUpgradeTool The file is called: PubUpgrad.exe) was not correct. He sent me an updated version of that executable and it seemed to have fixed the problem. He also sent me about 11 patches they are working on putting into the 9.1 release for me to test and play with in my test environement.


                  • Command Center disconnected

                    Thanks a lot, that fix my problem!!!

                  • Command Center disconnected


                    Just to let you know that recently I had to upgrade one of our customers from 8.5 to 9,0 SR3.

                    Acording to standard procedure before installing 9.0 I removed 8.5 (control panel->add/remove programs). Then I installed 9.0 and I received message: could not connect to command center. The error wasn't related to firewall/antyvirus blocking command center port. Problem was related to 8.5 configuration files that left. So what I had to do to solve my problem was:

                    1. Uninstall 9.0

                    2. Delete folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech

                    3. Delete Qlikview entry in registry

                    4. Install Qlikview 9.0 again

                    After those 4 steps Qlikview version 9.0 was working fine.



                      • Command Center disconnected

                        Karol, Many thanks!

                        We had the same exact issue when upgrading from 8.5 SR5 to 9.0 SR3. This approach (uninstall -> delete folders -> reinstall) fixed the problem perfectly.




                        Followup: I suspect the (upgrading 8.5 to 9.0 and receiving "Failed to communicate with the command center") issue might be with the file C:\Program Files\QlikView Server\QvsComRemote.dll being left behind after an uninstall of 8.5 SRx. The new install of 9.0 SR3 or SR4 doesn't seem to overwrite this file. When the services start up they end up using the incorrect (old) dll and hence the communication failures. I haven't had a chance to absolutely prove this on a test system yet though.

                        • Command Center disconnected
                          Bradley Shields

                          A couple of comments re these steps.

                          Make sure you turn the qlikview services off first

                          Take note of the account that the services are running under. This account should have rights to make things happen on the server like read and write etc.

                          Make sure you don't have any apps under the folder listed at step 2. Copy them before deleting.

                          The folder location changes under windows server 8 and win 7 to be ProgramData note this is a hidden directory by default

                          If you do delete the registry and folders you will lose you licence info and tasks etc. So take note of these so you can re-enter them.

                          I would suggest just deleting the folders and not deleting registry keys as a first try. Then if that fails do the whole process over again and delete registry keys too.

                            • Command Center disconnected

                              I have completed the following steps but the DS and DSC and still disconnected on my fresh install (no upgrade required)

                              1. Stopped QV services

                              2. Deleted C:\programdata\QlikTech

                              3. Removed registry keys

                              4. Uninstalled Qlikview - ran installation package, selected remove

                              5. Restarted Server

                              6. Installed server

                              7. Licensed server

                              No luck. same problem in the associated thread here: http://community.qlik.com/forums/t/33659.aspx


                              L:ast 5 lines of Log file in DSC states:

                              7/09/2010 17:25:09.7343750 Information Starting webservice at port 4730
                              7/09/2010 17:25:10.2656250 Information Initializing done
                              7/09/2010 17:25:10.4843750 Information Initializing system webserver
                              7/09/2010 17:25:10.5000000 Information Webserver security set to: Ntlm
                              7/09/2010 17:25:10.5000000 Information Authorization groupname: QlikView Administrators

                              Last 5 lines of log file for DS states:

                              7/09/2010 17:26:43.7333750 Information The QlikView Engine Version check was performed successfully. Filename=, Version=9.00.7502.8
                              7/09/2010 17:26:43.7333750 Information QVBInfo=StartTime=7/09/2010 5:26:41 PM, Path=, QVBVersion=9.00.7502.8, FileVersion=, FileDescription=, LegalCopyright=, Language=,
                              7/09/2010 17:26:43.7333750 Information WorkOrder info: Applied=1/01/0001 12:00:00 AM, Result=None, CheckSum=, Filename=C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Publisher\Qlikview Distribution Service\1\Workorder.xml
                              7/09/2010 17:26:43.8271250 Information The following file system plug-ins has been loaded: QlikTech.DMS, NTFS (Windows NT Filesystem), NTFS (Windows NT FileSystem on remote machines)
                              7/09/2010 17:26:43.8271250 Information Qlikview Distribution Service v9.0.7502 is up and running (XSID=7a8f1cde-b44e-501d-b7d9-ffa1bdf7515a, ClusterID=1, Home=C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Publisher\Qlikview Distribution Service, RunLevel=Standard)


                                • Command Center disconnected
                                  Bradley Shields

                                  Hey Matt,

                                  How are you doing? Try looking at this thread and see if it helps. Oh and make sure the user is in the administrators group



                                  please read through the postings and follow the instructions on the MS support page as copied below. Please reply back through support and let me know how it went.

                                  Rebuild the list of available counters

                                  Membership in the local Administrators group is required to complete this procedure.

                                  To rebuild the list of counters in the registry:

                                  1. Click Start, expand All Programs, and expand Accessories.
                                  2. Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
                                  3. At the command prompt, type lodctr /r, and then press ENTER.

                                  Cheers Brad