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    Store QVD in folder

    lakwinder singh

      Hi Guys,


      What's the correct syntax for storing qvd's?


      The folder i've created on the right in Data Editor is called QVD_FOLDER the actual folder on the server is called QVD, what am i doing wrong in the store syntax.


      Thanks Guys


      LIB CONNECT TO 'XXX.HOST.NAME.com (user_e111)';





      load *;

      sql select *

      FROM Warehouse.dbo."SEGMENT";




      STORE SEGMENTS INTO [lib://QVD_FOLDER/SEGMENT.qvd](qvd);  // with folder created in Data Editor name QVD_FOLDER




      STORE SEGMENTS INTO [lib://QVD/SEGMENT.qvd](qvd);  // with server folder name QVD