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    Is GetTablesAndKeys() broken?

    Anders Uddenberg

      I want to use the method GetTablesAndKeys and I'm doing this in my extension


      var app = qlik.currApp(this);
      if (typeof app.getTablesAndKeys === "function") { 
         app.getTablesAndKeys(qWindowSize, qNullSize, 0, false, false).then(function(data) {
        } else {
         console.log("GetTablesAndKeys not available on app");


      What I get is the error "GetTablesAndKeys not available on app" but it should be afaik.


      Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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          Anders Uddenberg

          Solved it but I'll leave a reply for anyone interested in this.


          Turns out I tried to call getTablesAndKeys on "app" that I got from qlik.currApp(this).


          What I had to do in my extension is to include engine, as such:


          define( ["qlik", "jquery", "text!./style.css","core.models/engine"], function (qlik, $, cssContent, engine) {


          Please note "core.models/engine" and then function(.... engine) {


          Then I can do


          var app = engine.currentApp;



          Turns out it's important to know which API is used where. Go figure