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    VPN Connection is not working

      We are facing this problem with a VPN connection:

      The client connects on the company VPN then see Accesspoints and its applications.

      When clicking on the application, the Qlikview Credentials window appears asking for correct credentials.

      Internally everything is working fine.

      Do you have any clue on what I should check to sole this issue ?

      Generally speaking, should we do something specific to grant an Ip range that could be different ?

      Any comments is welcome.

      Thank you all.



        • VPN Connection is not working

          After some investigations, I'm almost sure the issue is coming from a timeout.

          The computer which is failing is using a gprs connection. Using the same config using an HSPDA connection works perfectly in the VPN. Do you know if there is a way to increase the timeout value for an application with QV plugin ?