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    Alter layout of table

    Anders Uddenberg

      I'm trying to remove/add columns, programmatically, in a table. When using the API Explorer I can get a list of all kolumns and measures using GetLayout but my question is this: using an API, which method is appropriate for adding/removing columns in a table?




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          Øystein Kolsrud

          Using the .NetSDK you could do something like this in C#:


          ITable table = app.GetObject<Table>(<the id of the table object>);

          using (table.SuspendedLayout)


               table.Properties.HyperCubeDef.Dimensions = table.Properties.HyperCubeDef.Dimensions.Where(KeepColumn);



          And then "KeepColumn" would be a function that looks something like this:


          private static bool KeepColumn(TableHyperCubeDimensionDef dimensionDef)


              return <logic to check that I want to keep dimension>;