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    Console management error 404

      The installation was made in windows server 2008R2

      Qlik sense server version


      I got the following error after the succesful instalation of qlik sense server

      it says its a certicate error  i ve tried the following:


      1- Make sure that the Qlik Sense Repository Database service is running under "Local


      2- Have you restarted the machine? Have you restarted the services?

      3- Try to recreate Digital certificates:

      1. Stop Qlik Sense Repository Service (this will also stop the other services)

      2. Open Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Important: Run this as the account

      configured to run the services (Run as... )

      3. Add snap-in for Certificates: My user account and Local Computer account

      4. In Certificates - Current User > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates, delete

      the certificate created by QlikSense, issued by your computer, computer.domain-CA

      5. In Certificates > Current User > Personal > Certificates, delete the certificate named


      6. In Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal > Certificates, delete the certificate issued by


      7. Start Qlik Sense Repository Service and verify it created the new certificates

      8. Start the rest of the services

      4- Make sure that Firewall are off.

      it was installed with admins permisions

      SSL 2.0  SSL 3.0 are down on proxy

      ports 80 and 443 are open and listening

      Https is allowed

      IIS down

      windows firewall down

      i´ve installed it again with local credentials

      tried to open in chrome