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    QlikView Task xml files for deleted tasks still exist

    Michael Houck

      I'm trying to create a dashboard which shows the current tasks in QMC and who they are distributed to. The distribution lists for our tasks have changed frequently and they've been deleted and recreated a few different times.


      I'm running into an issue because the C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\Tasks directory contains what seems to be ALL of the tasks that have ever been created. Even those tasks which were deleted and obsolete still have .xml files in this directory. So if a task with an old distribution list was deleted and then a new task was created, that document now has 2 tasks and I can't determine which is the correct one with the correct distribution list versus which is the old one.


      Is there some way of telling which of the task.xml files currently exist in QMC versus those that have been deleted?


      I've checked already to make sure that none of the tasks are orphans... I can't figure out how QMC can tell which are current tasks and which have been deleted.