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    QVS 9 - Off Duty - Will not turn on



      Installed QV9 on a machine that has never had QV installed on it before. This is a VM image and is not connected to our network, it is running in a stand-alone mode (cannot connect to any other network. I enter the license and control number, see a Success message. Don't see an updated lef, and after the success message the license screen fields "blank" out. The server status shows Off Duty. The event log says "Cluster limit exceeded, going off duty..." This is not possible. There is no way it sees our other server. Just in case, I also shut down the services of that machine and it I still get off duty status and cluster message in the event log. Uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted a couple of times. Started with Local System then changed to a specific user account. Nada.

      Win2003 Srv R2 SP2. All services are running (although distribution server and directory service both show disconnected).

      Any ideas out there? Trying to prep a machine for an important demo on Monday.