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    What does "No Documents" message mean in Qv 9 Accespoint?

    Ismail Baygin

      Hi all,


      Although my default document folder is full of documents, what may the cause of not being able to see qv documents be in Accesspoint when i try to reach it using a domain account?

      When i try to use a local account like (qlikviewserver\qvuser) , i can display the documents.

      but when using a domain account like (mydomain\user), i can't. "No Documents" message appears.

      Qlikview server is on the same domain that i try to reach with. (mydomain)

      I grant domain users access to both default doc folder and webserver folder. (Qlikview\Web).

      I also set up a mounted folder which has a few documents but the result is same.

      Any ideas?