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    Calculate 12 month rolling

    Filiberto Cacciari

      Hi everyone,


      I'm wondering if someone could help me.


      I'm trying to display the value of the last 12 months for a calculated value (Day Payable Outstanding). At every monthyear I don't want to display the value of DPO e.g. Sep '15, but I want to display the value of DPO from Oct '14 to Sep '15.


      Is that clear?


      As you can se iin my qvw I can calculate the DPO in the "DPO (gg)" chart and I'm trying to calculate the DPO LTM ( last twelve months) in the "DPO LTM(gg)" chart

      I tried creating a rolling period but seems that my tentative and the formulas used don't works as well.


      Attach here my qvw.


      stalwar1 did u ever seen something like that?