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    qlikcloud - servers are busy

      Been using qlikcloud now for a while and it usually works like a charm.


      Yesterday something strange happened when I uploaded a fresh set of data to the shared stream.

      Everything worked nicely and upload looked normal with no error messages.


      Now when I try to open the app on qlikcloud I get an error:

      "Servers are busy. Try again later. Contact us if the problem persists"


      Does anyone know what to do?


      kind regards


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          Michael Tarallo

          Thanks Anders - jgd and kha - have been informed.



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          Mike Tarallo


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            Was getting same issue when I tried to use it - but now its got worse - it was working fine before.


            Strange thing is that it has no problem opening up an app I uploaded last week - but when I try to upload now it accepts upload but when I try to open new app it waits for a while then give following message


            'The system is not available at the moment. Please try again later.'


            Was really impressed by this tool but now I'm concerned about reliabilty of data. - Any idea on what the problem is and how long till it will be fixed?



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              Sarah Kohler

              Hi Anders!  Thank you for your use of Qlik Cloud and for sharing the behaviors you are seeing.  We've identified an issue and are working on a fix.  Unfortunately, this temporarily reduces the amount of available resources supporting our user base.  This is resulting in a higher than normal incidence of "Servers are busy" and "System unavailable" messages to users.  Thank you for your patience while we improve Qlik Sense Cloud to more rapidly respond to our growing user base.


              Sarah Kohler, Qlik Cloud PM