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    Access Point problems - IE loads "forever" without results


      Good Morning,


      We have problems with one of our Client (Windows XP SP3).

      I already wrote to the QlikView Support, but maybe you already faced this problem.


      We are using the IE plug-in (file name "QvPluginSetup.exe") in order to enable the access to our QlikView Access Point.

      This is working for every PC (same O.S. + Internet Explorer 7) except for this single desktop.


      Here is a description of the problem:

      After the successfully plug-in installation, if I try to open one of the links in our QlikView Access Point the browser start to load but the page is blank, without error messages.


      I tried to re-install the QV plug-in but I still have the same problem.

      Have you never had this problem?

      It's strange because that is the only client that is giving me problems.


      Thanks in advance,

      Federico Biavati