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    Enabling Soft Switch in QlikView Server 11.2 SR7

    Jagan Vijayakumar

      Hi All,


      Can someone please tell me how to enable Soft-Switch in QlikView Server 11.2 SR7.


      Also please let me know if you have any document for enabling Soft-Switch.and disabling NUMA and Hyperthreading.


      I tried searching online and the found the below link.


      Quick tips #8 - Server Settings For Best Performance


      However it only provides recommendations but does not provide the steps to do it.


      Please help!



      Jagan. V

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          Peter Cammaert

          The document you mentioned does provide steps to enable/disable NUMA using a soft-switch (in Settings.ini). However you have to use a Settings.ini parameter only if the server platform BIOS doesn't provide a switch to do this when booting up.


          For example, Hyper-Threading is a cpu setting. IMHO you cannot let QlikView disable/enable Hyper-Threading because when QlikView launches it's already too late to change the processor mode-of-operation.


          See you server BIOS help for information on how to configure the cpu and motherboard settings.





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              Jagan Vijayakumar

              Thank you Peter.


              One more question, I have other applications which runs based on IIS in the same QlikView server. Can you please tell if disabling NUMA will have any impact over other applications running based on IIS.


              My QlikView server is Single machine with IIS. Please advise.


              and if in case NUMA cannot be disabled, "EnableNumaRoundRobin=0" has to be written in "setting.ini" under "QlikViewServer" folder.


              EnableNumaRoundRobin=0 is defaulted and means disabled functionality.

              EnableNumaRoundRobin=1 means enable functionality which should be used for servers where NUMA cannot be disabled in the hardware