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    How do I set up user access and why can't I open my files?


      Okay, this may be two topics but they may be related so apologies if the former, but bear with me.

      New install of v9 server. I have my qvw files in a folder separate from the qvs installation and everyone has full access to these (for testing purposes).

      I have a website that has a simple link pointing to "qvp://server.domain/website/filename.qvw" which used to work when I had 8.5 installed.

      Now this link behaves as follows: if anonymous login is enabled (Always or Allow) I just get a message saying "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document" and a message in the qvs event log with EventID=2, Severity=110 "Warning The document <...> Failed to load because of no file access [19]"

      The qvw file has no "Section Access" so I thought this would (as it semed previously to do) allow anyone to access the document.

      The server has 30 CALs licenced, is set to allow dynamic user CAL additions but doesn't seem to be adding any access information (judging by the table of date/times in Management Console Licenses|CALs screen).

      I think I might need a tutorial on setting up access in v9 - where would I look for information on this?

      Looking forward I need to restrict access based on non-OS users (i.e. arbitrary username/password) - it looks like the Access section in the QVW is the best way to do this - is that right?

      The setup itself is almost trivial if that helps - I will have one file that users would want to open.

      Any help gratefully received with thanks,