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    'Selective' Levels in nPrinting Word document

    Lee Cashman

      Afternoon all,


      I'm after a little assistance please.

      I have a pretty in-depth report created in NPrinting that outputs into Microsoft Word (client's request). The report produces a whole heap of information for different companies, and therefore the task cycles over a 'company name' field.


      The problem that I have is that certain sections of the report are only applicable to certain companies. Is there any way I can get a level within NPrinting to only apply in certain instances? I'm pretty doubtful myself as the tags for the level need to be within the Word template for them to appear, so how can I suppress them?


      How I see it I only have two options:

      1) To create the report run, and then manually delete the irrelevant charts/tables from the clients who don't need them.

      2) To create a second temple with these tables missing and use two reporting tasks.


      Problem with number 1 is that it leaves us open to human error as it can get a bit fiddly.

      Problem with number 2 is that the script and the template is constantly being updated - so two have two variants means double the work.



      Any ideas if something 'cleaner' can be done within the application?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Aran Nathanson



          You can only do this if the dimensions are in a hierarchy and the correspondence is one to many and not many to many.


          For example if you had a dimension called customers and a second dimension called customer_addresses, you could build a level in your NPrinting report based on Customers and nest a second level inside the Customers level based on customer_addresses.


          If there were no values for customer_addresses for a Customer, that area would be empty.