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    raadwiptec g

      hi all,


      Iam trying to create a connection in nprinting Designer. But once I click on Yes to create object list it does not work. It says that the nprinting server has qlikview person edition . do we need the licensed qlikview in nprinting server also?

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          Stephen Jasionowski

          If you are opening the QVW on the server, then yes, it must be licensed there as well. QV Personal Edition is not supported by NPrinting.


          If you open up the QVW on your machine (with a licensed version of QV Dekstop), does the object list still not appear?

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            Randi Borys

            What version are you running? When using designer I am pretty sure it treats the development machine as the server, so that machine needs to have a licensed version of Qlikview.


            You will need a licensed version of Qlikview running on the machine you are running NPrinting Server as well, but not until you deploy something for the server to run (scheduled or OnDemand).

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              you will need a qlikview license for any user that runs noprinting either designer or server.  If a qlikview developer is developing npriunting reports, that should not be an issue but since the server connects to the qvw, the user that the nprinting service is running under needs a licesne, and that user should not be the same user that runs your qlikview services