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    External applications use in Qlikview Publisher x64

      I think I'm not not the only one in this case, this is why I opened this forum in order to share your good practises.

      In QV Publisher, x32 or x 64, there is the possibility to create external applications tasks. This is useful in some cases ( specific data exports, automatic emails macro, running QV 32.exe on x64, etc..)

      However, over the time some batch can fails, and even if you set a timeout on the server, the cmd is stopped but not the applications launched by the cmd.

      If you take the example of the cmd which run Qv.exe, if for any reason the QV.exe hangs, then it stays in memory. On the next schedule, you have another QV.exe in memory, etc etc...

      So I wanted to now how you handle this, the errors, how to log every batches, automatically kill blocked applications, etc...

      Any feedback or good practices would be useful for everybody I guess.