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    Conditional renaming of certain values on import

      Hi folks,


      I've got 'Customer' data I'm importing from SQL database, and one of the fields is 'County' which is basically just a sub-national classification. Because of inconsistent importing of the data, we have multiple values which mean the same thing, for example, 'Virginia' and 'VA'.


      I can change one of these mismatches by using the following code in my LOAD statement:


      if(County = 'Virginia', 'VA', County) as County;


      but I'm stumbling on how to get more than one mismatched value, such as


      if(County = 'Utah', 'UT', County) as County,

      if(County = 'Virginia', 'VA', County) as County;


      I know I'm going about this the wrong way, and I was hoping someone out there might know how I could do this for multiple cases. Thanks!