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    Using set analysis



      I am new to set analysis, may i know if the following can be handled by set analysis or there is other way to solve? Thanks.


      I have a data table which contains all the sales data of each shop, like the followings:


      Region          Shop   Year   Month       Sales

      Region1           A      2013   May         100

      Region1           A      2013   Jun          110


      Region1           A      2014   Nov         120


      Region1           A      2015   Nov         130

      Region2          B       2015   Feb          200

      Region2          B       2015   Mar          210

      Region2          B       2015   Nov          220


      I would like to create a summary table that display the sum of the sales of those shops containing sales in both last year and this year only.

      e.g. Current month = Nov 2015, the summary table would be like this:

      Region                 Sales in Nov 2015                Sales in Nov 2014

      Region1                            130                                    120

      Region2                               0                                        0