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    Want to set a Favorites for QVW by end users

    Amir Taub

      Hi all

      I want to make a favorites sheet that will be created by the end users  (Ajax & client). (Not a BM)

      The user will go to List box and check the ID's he wants:



      Now the user "Add" to his Fav a 2 Dimensions ID & Buyer  (Green)


      ** Every user have his own Fav.

      ** The Fav need to be there for the users also when the session is closed after several days/months/years

      ** They can add to fav Buyer "b" that don't have or use ID "2222" - they are contradict .

      ** When they check the Dimensions  they are not selected as qv standard, they only add to fav.

      ** The user need the ability to add ID "3333" to his exist  Fav.


      At the end the user will be able to select a specific ID or Buyer or all FAV and it will reduce the QVW like a regular selection.


      Just like Fav in IE when you have a Folders(Dimensions ) and in it you have the urls(Data-2222/b....)


      Plz give me ideas


      Amir Taub