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    Several filters to put on a LOAD - can I do this?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am not quite sure about this though I know how to do it in principle:


      - I need data from a specific database_table, but only

      - from a number of specific BINs (I need two separate filters for those because I know some by name, but others are called
         like RECxx (xx being any number), so I need to filter for the first three letters for those and for the whole name for the others)

      - I need only the items where the timestamp is "yesterday 10am" or earlier - I have a complete timestamp in the table, but
         going by the way I know (splitting it into a date and a time), I need á rather lengthy filtering_statement for that part.

      => Is there an easier way to filter for "yesterday 10am"?


      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,




      P.S.: In other words - can I somehow construct the timestamp "yesterday 10am" to compare the timestamp from the DB data with that?